Nursing as a Career in UK

February 20, 20220

Nursing as a Career in UK

Nursing is a profession that has evolved beyond the qualities of compassion and care for one another. These are the same qualities that persuade people to follow their dream job as a nurse. Nursing as a career UK comes with an open arm filled in with opportunities.  Moving to a new country is always a hurdle for many people. Thanks to your nursing job consulting in Kerala, which accelerates and pumps your career as a nurse in UK with all the support you need.

United Kingdom: Hub of Nursing Opportunities

The United Kingdom is one of the best places to pursue your career as a nurse. Finding your job as a nurse is easier than you think with the right consultants. Data show that 1 in 11 nursing positions are vacant in NHS(National Health Service). It means you have an excellent chance of finding a nursing role that fits you. Nursing applicants can choose where they want to live. Depending on your personal preferences, you can opt for nursing jobs in urban townships or rural settings as well.


Advantages of Nursing in the Uk

  • Convenience

The nursing jobs in the United Kingdom are highly flexible when compared with the Indian system. Convenience is the key factor that attracts many nursing job pursuers to the United Kingdom. You can opt-in for different shifts across the day depending on your needs with standard working hours of 37.5. There are also options wherein you can choose among full-time or part-time jobs in healthcare making it really convenient.

  • Competitive Salary

A competitive salary is what you can expect by working as a nurse in the United Kingdom. This profession also offers a wide variety of benefits apart from the normal salary you are offered. In addition to this, you can also choose to work extra hours to meet your extra needs. the main part is that the rate of payment for these extra hours is more than your regular pay. The salary and other benefits of your nursing job depend on other factors like your years of experience, expertise, responsibilities, and the commitment you put in.

  • Security

Nursing is a job that never goes out of demand. According to the data, the last few years have showcased a steady increase in the demand for nursing career opportunities in the UK. The healthcare industry can never go out of job opportunities for nurses, as nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. We need people to replace the ones who retire and corona also urged for a huge demand for nurses globally. When you apply for nursing jobs in the UK, you are assured of a world-class work environment that provides ample opportunities to learn. As a result, the nursing job trend is a path of assurance, security, and makes you financially stable.

  • Career Growth

Career growth in nursing as a career in the UK is a topic that goes without much notice. We will get you insights on how you can grow or advance in the nursing career.  In addition to general nursing jobs, there are many paths open for nurses in the UK. Choosing to specialize in a certain area of nursing is really important for your career growth. You can choose from emergency care, anesthetics, midwifery, neonatology, orthopedics, fertility to surgery. Moreover, as a nurse, each day is filled with new things to learn from and you can also advance as consultants, or in management roles in the future. The other roles to glow as a nurse include :


  1. Neonatal Nurse
  2. Psychiatric Nurse
  3. Theatre Nurse
  4. Geriatric Nurse
  5. Orthopedic Nurse
  6. Pediatric Nurse
  7. Respiratory Nurse
  8.  Cardiology Nurse
  9.  Critical Care Nurse
  10. Certified Midwife Nurse

NHS recruitment

Many people might have come across the term NHS while searching for nursing as a career in the UK. NHS stands for National Health Service which is aided by the government so that everybody shares the burden of paying for health services offered by health care officials.

As NHS funds through the public, it is quite large and has a wide range of nursing opportunities. In addition to training and development, working in the NHS provides job guarantees as long as you work for it. In the private sector, your career development as a nurse in Uk may be limited.  Moreover, being a smaller facility compared to the NHS, the private sector doesn’t offer a wide range of areas to work. Along with this, NHS has a variety of ranges to try and later on take your career to the next level by undertaking more senior roles. Hence, choosing an NHS recruitment agency or a nursing job consultancy in Kerala is critical to your career as a nurse in the UK.